In the late 1930s and early 1940s, two brothers were hiding a whiskey still in their college dorm closet. Upon discovery of the still, they were promptly expelled from the University. In order to regain admission and finish their degrees, the two brothers participated in grueling manual labor, planting oak trees every 50' down the new entrance to the University, New Main Drive. Both brothers graduated and moved on to great things. A few generations later, their grandson - our Founder - would pass under these oaks each day on the way to class. The now tall, proud oak trees offered a reminder both of the importance of focus on one's goals and the redeeming virtue of hard work.

New Main Brewing Company is all about finding what you love and exploring new ways to love it more. We are about the memories and conversations shared over a few pints of beer. We are about building friendships between new acquaintances and strengthening the bonds between old friends. We are about embracing our identities while challenging the boundaries of our comfort zones. We invite you to join us on our never-ending journey to craft the perfect beer.

Come find your New Main.


WIT  |  15 IBU  |  5.5% ABV

Brewed for its outstanding quaffability, luxuriously thick foam, and pleasantly crisp flavor, this Belgian Wit was inspired by the aromatic South Texas prairie in bloom. A subtle touch of spice coupled with a sweet and full body makes this beer a favorite for all seasons.

SAISON  |  32 IBU  |  6.1% ABV

Sir Isaac Newton once said, "Nature is pleased with simplicity." Apple guy sure got this one right! Our Saison showcases the excellent yeast characteristics one expects from this style while balancing a simple malt bill against bright citrus hop flavor and aroma.

PALE ALE  |  40 IBU  |  5.5% ABV

A light and pleasant bready malt backbone allows the Centennial hops flavor and aroma to shine through in our American Pale Ale. This beer is an excellent companion for hikes, cookouts, or any occasion where you'd reach for flavor and drinkability. A classic American favorite.

IPA  |  60 IBU  |  7.5% ABV

A touch darker, sweeter, and more exotic than the Pale Ale, this full bodied American IPA boasts a rich body to support massive amounts of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit from American hops. This is one beer you'll want to savor with your eyes as well as your mouth!

PORTER  |  33 IBU  |  6.3% ABV

New Main Brewing Co. firmly believes there is no light without the dark. This award-winning porter offers a sumptuous tan head, ruby colored highlights in your glass, a pleasant chocolate and roasty aroma, and an enticingly dry finish beckoning your next sip.

STOUT  |  45 IBU  |   8.5% ABV

Speaking of dark, our Stout is a bold, black, roasty symphony with notes of dried fruit, freshly toasted bread, and satisfying dark chocolate flavor. This black beauty only opens up further as it warms in your glass, so sit back and take your time to get to know it.

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